The Cycle of Agitation

99 - The Cycle of AgitationWe need more people who “Understand the Times and Know What to Do.”

If you are truly interested in understanding what is going on in the State of North Carolina and even more broadly in our nation and world, these video links are worthy of your time and of your sharing with friends, family members, and pastors.

For those who are seeking to be cultural leaders they are imperative to watch.

Liberty, Right to Privacy, Safety, –  you decide.

This is what Corporate America thinks is a good idea and wants to partner with government to force upon our States.

College Students shown to be mindless drones as they try and follow gender identity and gender expression to its logical conclusion.  The future of America.

Here is an ad that takes to task the President’s priorities.

Presidential Priorities – World-National Affairs vs. Being a Bathroom Busy Body – 2m

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